Beginner Weaving Kit

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This beginner’s weaving kit makes a great gift for adults or kids. The kit includes a small, simple frame loom constructed from date palm fronds, five small butterflies of varying colors of our local North-African yarn, and a needle in a canvas bag. This kit is handmade from natural materials and pure wool yarn, so weaving on this loom is a rustic, tactile experience.

With your purchase you’ll receive a link to a VIDEO with all the instructions you’ll need to assemble your loom and weave your first project!


12 x 6 x 2 in

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Reincorporated NFP is a non-profit retailer. This project not only pays the artisans above the average rate for their work, but the profits from these products go towards improving the quality of life of the artisans and the people around them.


More About Woven With Hope

We work to empower our Arab artisan partners by providing them with training and employment in weaving and leathercraft. Our business is primarily focused on Arab women who weave from their homes; this craft was a part of their ancestral heritage but had disappeared among this tribe. Your purchase directly supports this work and enables our artisans to earn an income in a culture with few employment opportunities for women. Learn more here.