Party in a box

Host a party with your friends where the proceeds to go help create social change.


"Hi! We LOVED hosting this party! This was so well received, many people in awe of the beautiful detail work put in to every piece of jewelry. And even better that they could support such a great cause! 

It is obvious that you all put so much thought into this process. It was easy to sign up for a party in a box, and easy to use. Thank you for all the work you’ve put into making this an easy way to make a larger impact! "


1. Fill out the Party In A Box form for approval (please give us at least 3 weeks notice prior to your desired party date)

2. We will contact you within the next couple days to let you know if you are approved for your dates.

3. Sign a Party In A Box Contract that we will email you (we will need a credit card on file)

4. We send you product for your party.

5. Invite you friends to the party! We have a couple options on how to do this Click Here for more info.

6. To set up the party, we send instructions in each box and we have a simple video HERE (coming soon!)

7. Enjoy a fun evening with friends while helping those in need.

8. Send back the un-purchased items in the same box with the prepaid return label.


How many people should go to a party?

That depends on your type of party. We recommend between 5-10 people for a house party. A retail table at a church or at an event would be designed specifically for the size of the church or event.

Who can host a party?

Anyone who wants to help the cause.

How do People pay?

They can pay with cash or credit. Checks are not accepted as a form of payment. We will send you a Square mobile device credit card reader.

How does the Square credit card reader work?

You will need to download the Square app onto your phone (it works on both Iphone and Android). Click HERE to see compatible devices Our technicians will send you a code to authorize your phone for the app. The app functions as a POS system making it very easy to ring people up for a single item or multiple items. Once you have rung up their purchase, you push the pay button. They can pay with cash or with credit. All purchases (both cash and credit) will need to be input into the app (this is how we track the sales). If the customer wants a receipt, they can input their email address and one will be emailed to them.

What do I do with the cash payments?

Do not send the cash back in the mail with the products. Please transfer money to Retail On Mission NFP either through one of these options:

Paypal (click link)
Zelle to

When returning the box, send a check made out to Reincorporated NFP.