Nick Manderfield and Carisa Frost were married in 2011 and, in 2015, became parents when their son, Roman, arrived. Until recently, they lived in Chicago, and both enjoyed corporate careers working on Michigan Avenue. In early 2013, during a visit to Colombia for a friend's wedding, both went through some life-changing experiences, and both Nick and Carisa rededicated their life to Christ. Little by little, their priorities started to change, and they decided to live a life focused on helping others through their restaurant/retail business skills. They began dreaming of how they could use the restaurant model to help marginalized communities and founded Restaurants on Mission in 2015. In 2020, the pandemic created an opportunity to start selling retail, where product sales led to social change. Later in 2021 the foundation was renamed Reincorporated NFP to include the variety of the projects. Since founding Reincorporated NFP, Nick and Carisa have used their skills in the restaurant and retail industry as a platform to initiate social change. They are passionate about creating a connection between business and everyday practices, like eating out or wearing jewelry as a way to bring about social change and create social awareness


Reincorporated NFP is passionate about creating self-sustainable projects to help revive hope in individuals while helping them take a step toward a better life and restoring communities through special projects. Reincorporated maintains self-sustainability by operating a non-profit cafeteria at a school in Medellín; this ensures that 100% of your donations go directly to the place of intention. Additionally, online sales support the projects at Reincoproated. To learn more about these projects, click on the shop link below