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Embera Bead Project Wholesale and Corporate Gifting Program

Our wholesale program is a great way to get the lowest price for product for resale.  We offer two different pricing lists.  The first is the pricing for small boutiques or individuals interested in choosing under 25 products from the website.  The second is for larger orders who are looking for the lowest price available. Feel free to reach out with any questions.  All businesses or individuals with intent to resell will need to sign a licensing agreement upon purchase. 

Website based orders 25 units and under:

This discount is available on our website inventory only.  Once you complete our "Wholesale Terms of Purchase" we will send you your discount code.  You can choose up to 25 items from the website and enter your discount code.  The order will ship from the United States and should arrive in up to two weeks from placing your order. Shipping is included in the price.

Units  Discount %
15-19 15%
20-24 20%
25 25%

All orders over 25 units:

You can place an order for items we have previously made or send us new designs that we can produce; we can even make bracelets with your company logo! Custom orders require custom pricing for unique styles. When you are ready, fill out the wholesale contact form explaining how many units of each SKU, and we will send you the timeframe needed to fulfill your order. Upon receiving your first invoice, you will be required to pay 50% upfront and agree to the "Wholesale Terms of Purchase" Products will be shipped from Medellín, Colombia. Shipping prices will depend on current international/US FedEx rates for orders that do not include shipping. Upon receipt of your order, you will be required to pay the final 50% of your invoice. It's that easy!

Cross branding and marketing opportunities for additional discounts will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Units  Discount %
26-99* 25% (shipping will be additional)
100-499* 30% (shipping included)
500-999* 40% (shipping included)
1,000*+ 50% (shipping included)

*There are situations where we will consider a more significant discount based on cross-branding or marketing opportunities with your existing brand; we will evaluate this case-by-case basis. 
**SKU limits may apply to these prices. Contact us for more information.

Bracelets only  - we can offer an additional discount if you only want bracelets.

40% (shipping included)
50% (shipping included)
60% (shipping included)

*SKU limits may apply these prices. Contact for more information.

Wholesale Terms and Conditions (coming soon)
Wholesale Brand Communication Page