Tropical Necklace

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Get ready to splash into fun with the Tropical Necklace! This choker is a fiesta for your neck, handwoven with a zesty mix of orange, white, teal, and pink czech beads, all topped off with shiny gold-colored accents. And don’t forget the best part: a fabulous gold sea shell charm that’ll have you feeling like a coastal diva every day! Perfect for adding a pop of tropical vibes to any outfit, the Tropical Necklace is your ticket to an endless summer party. Get ready to dazzle and bring the island spirit wherever you go!  Get it with the matching earrings, sold separately.


Length: 33.5 cm; 2 x 2 cm

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Reincorporated NFP is a non-profit retailer. This project not only pays the artisans above the average rate for their work, but the profits from these products go towards improving the quality of life of the artisans and the people around them.


More About Embera Bead Project

 Many Embera people have fled their villages because of violence from armed groups and are living as internally displaced persons throughout the city of Medellin. Most of them have had a challenging time surviving in the big city due to a lack of formalized education and the inability to speak Spanish. As a result, many families beg on the streets or sell handmade Embera-style jewelry to meet their basic daily needs. Unfortunately, this lifestyle poses a significant risk to their family, making them more susceptible to targeted abuse and criminal activity.   

The Embera Bead Project (EBP) seeks to aid the Embera people through a holistic approach, focusing on all aspects of their personal and professional growth, health and nutrition, and family support. EBP attempts to break the cycle of poverty by providing jewelry workshops where Embera can make a fair wage for their art while attending personal and professional development classes to improve their quality of life. Additionally, workshop attendees can work toward enrolling their kids in our Casa Embera program and benefiting from other services of Casa Embera. To learn more about all of the programs that EPB helps fund click here>>>.